Very Strange Things: 10 Fan theories about the Duffer Brothers spin-off, according to Reddit


The fourth season of the TV series “Very Strange Things” began perfectly, with record figures for Netflix, and fans can’t wait for more. There’s no denying that this season felt like the beginning of the end, which makes sense since it was recently announced that Season 5 would be the last.

While many fans are sad to see the end, the Duffer brothers have a little consolation in the form of a spin-off. They have a secret idea for a spin-off that they haven’t even told Netflix about yet (via Variety). The creation of the world and well-designed characters give the creators a wide range of opportunities for a potential spin-off. Fans took to Reddit to reflect on what the premise of the spin-off might be and what they hope to see.

Susie’s family

A popular theory is that Susie’s unconventional family may have had some sort of side effect. When Jonathan, Argyle, Will and Mike visit their house, it feels like a completely different show. This is consistent with what the Duffer brothers said about their spin-off idea.

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Reddit user u/Apart_Ad_5111 suggests that “it’s going to be about Suzy and her weird family. When they visited her house, it was like another show. A story that seems unspeakable. conflict, and I think we’d be in business.”

Nancy Wheeler: Paranormal Researcher

Another popular concept is “Nancy Wheeler exploring all new paranormal phenomena.” User CMelody clarifies: “Nancy is perhaps the most inquisitive person in the series, and her career (journalism) allows her to break out of Hawkins and investigate other strange things.”

This side premise would allow for the creation of a new ensemble, and would also leave room for the OG actors to perform. It is assumed that the recent revival of Steve/Nancy can cause them to have a love affair over and over again throughout the show, similar to The X-Files, which takes place several years later. It all depends on whether she gets out of cliffhanger alive.

Brenner ‘s Prequel

Some fans, such as stratticus14, “would like to see a story about Martin Brenner and Sam Owens, younger, investigating paranormal phenomena/aliens/projects that may take place in the 50s or 60s.” This can lead to the events of “Very strange cases”.

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Acting as a prequel, this could be an interesting way to see how Hawkins Lab turned into what it has become. Another backstory of how Brenner and Owens became part of the lab that led to the discovery of Upside Down, fans compared this idea to “Better Call Saul.”

Argyle Scooby

The series has the opportunity to continue introducing new wonderful characters, one of which this season is Jonathan’s friend Argyle. He already has a fancy yellow van and an addiction to a certain plant, which is also mentioned in the live action movie “Scooby-Doo”.

These similarities have prompted fans to establish a connection between the two franchises. It would be appropriate if “Argyle took the dog and met with three other teenagers who drive around in his van, solving riddles,” says Sippopotomas. This theory may be unlikely, but it’s interesting to think about.

Other numbers

Since the first season, the mystery of the numbers 001-010 has been in the air. Now that the other numbered children from Brenner’s lab have been introduced, fans are curious about the abilities and stories of other children.

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The user anOnyMousuSErip says that they would like “a series about numbers, where a separate episode is dedicated to each number. We would learn about their background, how they ended up at Hawkins and whether all their abilities are different.” This kind of anthology show would allow for the creation of stand-alone stories about each of them, giving the series a wide field to play.

The next generation

Since the dynamics of some of these characters have become so beloved, there is a chance that they will be paired up in spin-offs. Some Redditors suggest a time jump so that the show can follow the characters into adulthood.

Fans assume that they will “install the next show 10-15 years after season 5. And let it be about Dustin, a schoolteacher, Robin and Steve helping a new generation of children as they sort out their own paranormal mystery (not the Upper Side). Down)” via Themilfdestroyer.

Simultaneous storyline

Although most fan theories about the spin-off are related to a prequel or sequel, user bmiclock521 would actually “like to have a spin-off of something that happens in Hawkins at the same time as the main storyline, and have references to it throughout the show. /movie (whatever it is)”.

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Showing a story parallel to the main storyline of “Very Strange Cases” can create interesting points of view and funny references to the original. Hawkins suffered significant damage other characters probably had run-ins with the paranormal.

008 and her gang

In the second season, the “sister” of Eleven Kali was introduced. Known as 008, she also has superpowers. The episode when she was introduced didn’t get a good response, but some fans are still intrigued by the character and her gang of loser friends.

Redditor Ed_Derick_ suggests “something about Agent 008 and her gang? Or about people in other countries around the world coming into contact with Upside Down and its creatures.” Given that Upside Down may be an alternate reality that expands further than Hawkins, the byproduct may include 008, which finds other places that Upside Down was able to traverse in that reality.

Unfamiliar files

As with Nancy’s potential spin-off, fans may also see other characters having a premise similar to The X-Files. annarborjack user would like a spin-off that “starts in November 1993, 10 years after Will disappeared, and focuses on Steve, Robin, Nancy, Lucas and Max, who, as someone said, are monster hunters.”

It’s clear that these characters work well together and have the chemistry that their scenes carry. They all became experts in monster hunting to some extent during their young lives in Hawkins. Now the fans could see how they continue this journey into the 90s. The show will have a nostalgia factor for another demographic group as well.


The Russians have been a constant antagonist for the last couple of seasons. They tried to open the gates to the Wrong Side again and keep the Demogorgon captive. Their motives are still unclear, but they have been involved in Upside Down for some time.

Redditor IchKlauDeinBier suggests a storyline, “about the Soviet point of view would be cool, but very unlikely. They will find out about what happened in Hawkins and try to find a way to use it against the United States.” They add that “a plot twist is possible, that Upside Down is an unsuccessful Soviet experiment.”