Very relaxed: this is how Kim Gloss spent the day before giving birth


Kim Gloss (30) started her new chapter in complete composure! The influencer became a mom again in July. Since then, the daughter of Gold pleases the beauty together with her husband Alexander Belyakin, which they have repeatedly proved in social networks. Despite having two children, a job, and a daily marriage, the former DSDS candidate seems pretty relaxed. Even a few days before the birth, Kim was very relaxed!

In her recent YouTube video, she spoke honestly about childbirth. A week before the planned caesarean section, they decided on the move and received visitors. “Even on the eve of childbirth. The children were with their grandparents, we wanted to enjoy the last time together […]. We swam for two,” Kim blurted out. Suddenly, they even had feelings.

“I was so upset and cried so much because I knew that the pregnancy was coming to an end. It was a great time,” she concluded. Because all this brought the couple together even more. Besides, Kim loved her belly. That’s why she had the so-called baby blues for a few days, and she cried. However, she recovered quickly.


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