Very Important Bitcoin (BTC) Move from the Giant US Bank!


Institutional interest in the cryptocurrency direction continues to grow. Big US bank Goldman Sachs, which actively takes steps in the crypto money field, became the first major American bank to make OTC transactions.

Goldman’s Major Move

According to CNBC’s report, Goldman Sachs has made a cash payment transaction for a product of Galaxy Digital’s Bitcoin (BTC). According to the statements made, this move is seen as a remarkable step in the development of crypto markets for institutional investors due to the nature of OTC transactions.

In addition, Goldman started trading with CME Group Bitcoin products last year. However, according to the statements made, the bank took more risks by using Bitcoin directly, that is, by trading with Bitcoin as the main currency.

In addition, Galaxy Digital co-chair Damien Vanderwilt said in a statement on the subject, “This transaction represents the first step banks have taken to offer direct, customizable exposures to the crypto market on behalf of their customers.” used his words.

Also, Vanderwilt said that options trading is much more systematically relevant to the markets than neutral futures or other exchange-based products.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

Max Minton, Goldman’s head of digital assets Asia Pacific, said in a statement: “We are delighted to have the first cash-settled cryptocurrency options trade with Galaxy. This is a significant improvement in our digital asset capabilities and the broader evolution of the asset class.” used his words.

On the other hand, Goldman’s head of global crypto trading, Andrei Kazantsev, said in December that the bank has high demand for digital asset-linked options and said, “The next big step we envision is the development of options markets.”