Very hot Wejdene, she finds her magnificent blond hair!


Definitely, Wejdene loves to change his mind! Last night, she shared on Instagram a photo with her beautiful blonde hair!

Wejdene has gone back to blond! Indeed, the young singer left her red hair to return to her favorite color.

If there is one talent that can thank containment, it’s her! Eh yes ! The beauty is one of his stars discovered during this period of confinement!

With her title “Anissa”, Wejdene just made a splash. Initially, she posted her music on TikTok, then by dint of being shared, it ended up on all platforms!

The young singer has therefore seen her success grow day by day quite dramatically … Indeed, less than a year after her buzz, she is one of the revelations of this year 2020.

And its number of fans continues to grow! On Instagram for example, Wejdene quickly reached one million subscribers … And now she is slowly heading towards 2 million! Wow!


Either way, Wejdene has become a real star! The latter even rubs shoulders with the Marseillais!

In fact, in future cross country episodes, she will come and sing for them… They are lucky!

And the young woman already has a strong look! Thus, she does not hesitate to change her head very often!

Indeed, Wejdene changes her hair color quite often… And it always suits her very well!

It must be said that she has a very pretty face so no matter what the changes, she will always be fine! We find her too beautiful, don’t you?

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After trying redhead, she finally decided to go back to blonde! Indeed, on Instagram, she revealed her color to us!

On the two photos, we can see her all smiling. One thing is certain: the beauty is living her best life!


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