“Very hard”: Laura Mueller’s Post-Hurricane Report


Laura Muller (22) is dedicated to a serious topic. Actually, the beauty is always known by her partner Michael Wendler (50). In addition, the model likes to show what she has: recently Laura posed in a tight bikini on a boat. But after the hurricane hit her foster home in Florida, she took a more serious tone, drawing attention to the damage caused by the natural disaster.

“We’re doing well, but the damage is huge,” Laura said at the beginning of her Instagram story. “The boats have been destroyed, the traffic lights are no longer intact, not to mention that they have remained. The power cables on the streets and the poles of power lines are broken or bent,” the influencer said about the consequences of the hurricane. In addition, she showed the notes that formed the basis of her stories.

But that’s not all: “We have no water, no electricity, and we haven’t even had a network for more than 24 hours. Supermarkets and gas stations are closed, but now countless rescue vehicles are arriving to help,” she said. relief. The hurricane was really strong, and probably everyone was in shock. “I will keep my fingers crossed so that everyone here has a good time,” she hoped at the end of her report.


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