Very cute María Pedraza with her cat ears on Instagram!


María Pedraza posed with cat ears on Instagram. And frankly, the Elite actress is just adorable! On Insta, María Pedraza posed with cat ears. And to be honest, as always, the actress is just adorable with this accessory!

María Pedraza is one of the actresses of the moment. Indeed, after appearing in the hit Netflix series, La Casa de Papel, the young woman played in the phenomenon series Elite! Crazy!

Yes, in Elite, María Pedraza plays Marina, victim of the conflict between privileged and modest students of her high school. This role allowed him to quickly gain international recognition. Just that !

So today, the former dancer at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid is no longer just an actress but also a fashion muse. Class!

Nevertheless, in her Story Insta, the interpreter of Marina appeared with a fashion accessory … rather daring! Indeed, María Pedraza posted a selfie where we see her wearing cat ears! Crazy, right?

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


On Insta, María Pedraza often shares pictures of her looks. And for good reason, the successful Netflix actress is a true fashion icon. Yep, all of her looks are admired before being copied! Class, right?

However, today, it is with a very different accessory than usual that the young actress is displayed. Indeed, in her Story Insta and then on her Feed, Jaime Lorente’s sweetheart appeared with cat ears!

A rather cute accessory, which must serve him for a role, since the pretty brunette seemed, still according to her Stories, to be on a set.

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But apparently these blue cat ears really appealed to the actress, who has appeared with them in several photos.

At the same time, we understand her: she is just too cute with it!

We, in any case, we fall for!


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