Very classy Nabilla alongside Thomas Vergara in Paris!


Nabilla still has so much class and that is not likely to change anytime soon! Milann’s mother appears with Thomas Vergara in Paris …

Once again, Nabilla shows herself in the eyes of ordinary people. On her Instagram page, the it girl is displayed alongside her dear and loving one. While in Paris, the couple seems more radiant and united than ever. They are both very tasteful and above all classy. See for yourselves.

Nabilla therefore signs her great return to Paris for a while. As we know, the young mother is now living her best life on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Dubai to be precise.

So it is in this dream villa that she lives the dream life, the life of all influencers. She lives a more than golden lifestyle with her son, Milann, but also her darling.

Thomas Vergara and the bimbo had their ups and downs. This does not prevent them today from loving each other like never before and from experiencing absolute happiness.

Earlier, Nabilla had told us about her “reason for living”. This is of course the fruit of his union with Thomas Vergara: Milann.

Anyway, here she is back in the Capital to play a trick on us. In fact, she took her man, the one and only, with her: Thomas.

Nabilla class alongside Thomas Vergara in Paris!


Nabilla has been wandering around Paris for a while now in a neat look. Yes, the reality TV star has grown a lot since her appearance in Les Anges.

Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart has adopted a much classier style, and we don’t mind that. With her pretty face, she never ceases to seduce us.

Once again, she’s pulling out all the stops, this time with her Jules, who has decided to match her. Yes, the handsome Thomas is just as stylish in short.

Nabilla pulled out a long beige parka and pulled her hair into a high ponytail. At his feet, long and pretty boots to highlight his slender legs.

For his part, Thomas took out a long gray checked trench coat, which also has its effect. On his head sits a pretty, French beret, while he wears leather boots similar to Dr Martens.

“Babe and I”, captioned the it girl in this photo which she posts in story. Indeed, she and her baby have lit up the hotel they have been staying at for the past few days.

Their appearance seems worthy of a cover story, all in all. Regardless, their stay in Paris is unlikely to go unnoticed. The most Frenchy – or rather Swiss – of the Dubaiotes will turn heads!


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