Vertical video support for Apple Clips video application


The Apple Clips video app has finally gotten a much-requested feature. With the 3.0 update released today, Clips can shoot in 16: 9, 4: 3 and frame formats. Moreover, horizontal and vertical orientations are supported on both iPhones and iPads in all these three formats.

Apple’s smart and small video application has, until now, only allowed for videos that were shot and exported in frames. This was a logical move when it was first released three years ago, but in later years vertical video story formats were on the rise with apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

The new version of Clips has a reworked interface. Previously, you had to open an effects pane and scroll horizontally through seemingly endless options. Now it is possible to view all filters, stickers, emojis or other effects you may want to add in full screen.

apple clips 3

Apple has also added a number of new assets that you can use in your videos. Title “posters” you can add to videos; More royalty-free songs, stickers and speech bubble shapes are coming.

For those who shoot with the rear camera on an iPhone 12, Clips now records and exports in Apple’s Dolby Vision HDR app. Also, Apple has redesigned the Clips share page. You can still stream directly to social apps. Also, Apple has included a separate export button if you want to send the project to someone else for editing. By the way, the video preview is among those added.

If you shoot or import both horizontal and vertical videos, Clips surrounds one or the other with black bars by default. If your project has more vertical videos than horizontal videos, the project will be exported as vertical video. If the number of horizontal video clips is higher, the opposite is true.

However, Clips is essentially still as it was in the beginning; It works as a very smart way to quickly turn short videos into a shareable video clip. Unlike the story format or TikTok videos, Clips doesn’t have a built-in social network for sharing and viewing these videos. The main goal is to export the videos created in the application.

apple clips 3.0

Although it has some augmented reality (AR) effects like adding speech bubbles to a face, Clips is a bit more traditional than other short-form video apps. In this sense, Clips can be described as a modern version of the golden age of iMovie.

Clips keeps its best; There is also the ability to transcribe speech live to create live captions directly on the video. The included soundtracks continue to be automatically customized based on the length of a video. You can sync projects between your iOS devices via iCloud, and shoot or edit on the iPad. The iPad interface has also been improved; Apple Pencil supports “scribble” to enter text, but you cannot draw directly on videos yet.
You can download Clips 3.0 version right now from the App Store.


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