Vertical ‘big screen’ foldable mobile phone appeared


The Chinese manufacturer Vivo (in very small letters) may enter the foldable smartphone market with a peculiar device. The company filed a patent showing a cell phone that uses the flexible display to enlarge the screen area vertically.

The use of the folding screen is different from the solutions we see on the market today. While devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 use technology to turn the phone into a tablet, and the Motorola Razr shrinks the device with the fold, the vivo device goes in another direction.

According to the images obtained by Let’s Go Digital, the foldable smartphone from vivo’s patent is the size of a conventional device. At its base, the product has a folding fold, which allows to practically double the screen size vertically.

The result of the application different from the flexible display is a smartphone with a very large screen. Despite the different look, the cell phone can offer an improved experience when viewing social network feeds, for example.

Multiple cameras and zero connections

In addition to the giant vertical display, the patent also shows that the cell phone has a set of cameras with a periscope-type lens. Altogether, the device has five image sensors on the rear, according to the conceptual arts.

Another interesting detail of the patent is the absence of connections. The vivo phone has only one button on the top, which guarantees a clean design and should use wireless technologies for charging, just like a Xiaomi concept smartphone recently introduced.

The patent discovered by Let’s Go Digital was registered by vivo in August 2020 in China, but only received approval today (12). With that in mind, it may take the firm a long time to use the foldable display on a smartphone, if the brand intends to apply the technology to a device in the future.


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