Veronica Bielik shares the details of her holiday with her followers


Polish model Veronica Bielik has been anticipating a major excursion for quite a while. On Sunday, the 26-year-old delighted in its appearance, posting an update that was geotagged to Sukošan, Croatia which included different photos of her conditioned, two-piece clad body as she cruised along the coastline in a vessel.

In the inscription that went with the slideshow, Bielik expressed that she had been longing for the journey for a while and that the protracted vehicle ride had demonstrated a worthy expense. She further expressed that Croatia is “something different.”

With a rich coastline out of sight and a shady skyscape over her, Bielek stood tall in the principal shot of the arrangement while donning a string two-piece that secured basically nothing. With one knee twisted and her abutting foot held up, leaving just her toes contacting the vessel, Bielik presented provocatively with her back to the camera and her round goods conspicuous in the focal point of the photograph’s edge.

As she did as such, she looked again into the camera and the breeze seemed to get her long, dim hair.

The subsequent photograph gave a superior gander at Bielik as she plunked down with her palms solidly attached to her thin thighs. The front-see shot all the more plainly uncovered her crooked figure in the tight, two-piece bathing suit to her 2.9 million devotees on IG. As the two-piece top attempted to contain her lively resources, Bielik’s face was highlighted her right, away from the camera, and her eyes gave off an impression of being shut.

That shot was trailed by one in which the pontoon was scarcely noticeable and the coast and cloud-canvassed sun were highlighted in more prominent detail. In the interim, Bielik’s face was clouded as she remained in shadow and in the midst of another whirlwind.

Bielik balanced the pictorial with a fourth photograph that drag a striking similarity to the initial shot. In this image, notwithstanding, the camera was pulled in more tight for a medium close-up shot. As she presented, Bielik torqued her back fairly, putting more noteworthy accentuation on her well proportioned waist. Out of sight, the sun was radiating through the mists increasingly, further lighting up the ocean beneath.

The Spotlight Agency prime supporter’s most recent contribution produced a critical reaction quite expeditiously, rousing 30,000 twofold taps in only 30 minutes in the wake of showing up on her feed. Meanwhile, in excess of 500 remarks had been left.

Bielik has been occupied on Instagram recently, posting a plenty of enticing pics. She shared a hot photograph where she flaunted her hourglass figure in a small, blue yield top and pants.


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