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Verdansk 1984: We attended the presentation of the new version of the map of Call of Duty: Warzone. Going back to 1984 – it’s spring in Verdansk Call of Duty: Warzone faces its most important content framework since its launch in March 2020. Season 3 it shares with Black Ops Cold War will see Verdansk go back in time. weather. We are in 1984. In the middle of the Cold War, far away are the nuclear bombs that awaited him in the future. Now is the time for change, a renewed image that will not only impact the visual, but also the playable.

At MeriStation we have participated in the presentation of content related to the battle royale. We were spectators of the first glimpse of this next step in its short trajectory. Both universes have finally merged completely.

It’s spring in Verdansk

Amos Hodge, associate creative director at Raven Software, is in charge of accompanying us on this virtual tour of the new Verdansk. The map that awaits us from this April 22 has little to do with the icy countenance to which he has accustomed us. Spring has taken control of nature. The fields, the cities, emit a much more colorful stamp than up to now. Now we are part of an area that is unknown to us, as well as familiar.

The studio has chosen to continue working in the city given the narrative roots they maintain in it. For the team, especially after the arrival of the Cold War universe, keeping the community linked to the events that happen in it is part of what they want to achieve in this second year. We already saw it with Modern Warfare, only now the bet has tripled.

“Every building, terrain, and object has been revised and tweaked for an enhanced gaming experience,” explains Hodge. We can expect a map with 7 unpublished locations and 5 existing locations with a renewed design.

Classic maps built into Verdansk

Integrating classic maps into the battle royale environment is something that inevitably reminds us of Treyarch’s decisions in Blackout, the homonymous mode of Black Ops 4. Verdansk follows, in part, that trail, in such a way that we will see two relevant areas in the story of the saga within Call of Duty: Warzone.

La Presa is the area with the greatest changes. So far it was an area with very specific action points: at the bottom, a helicopter; in the upper left, the fire station and the tunnel to the southwest; in the upper right, the town that leads to the Military Base. In fact, the frozen lake was an inconsequential point in most games; It only took on weight when two teams were battling for supply drops.

There is little of prey in 1984. Summit, the mythical map of the first installment of Black Ops, has been placed in the center of the ancient lake. There is no more water or vegetation, just the iconic station where two zip lines that connect with the old fire station and the houses in front of the port are detached. Gora Summit, as it is called in Warzone, is an impregnable bastion on foot. It is surrounded by a mountainous cobblestone like a moat. You can enter via helicopter, although the moat can now be accessed through the margins of the renovated bridge.

The second integrated classic map is Standoff, although the presentation does not indicate where it is. What we do know is that a model of its central area will be the new gulag. Based on community feedback, Nuketown is history… for now.

Renovated fronts

The weapons situation in Verdansk 2021 conveyed a sense of abandonment in some of the scenarios where the action takes place the most. The Airport is one of those indicated. When you enter the terminal part, the debris from the impact of a missile does not allow you to access the old second floor, in addition to the absence of intact commercial aircraft on the runway. That will change in 1984.

In those times, the Airport was a vital point of passage to connect the city with the rest of the countries. All the second floor that we said will be presented as it looked at that time. Nothing is destroyed, on the contrary: it has expanded in order to offer new opportunities impossible to reach in the Verdansk that we all know.

Hodge affirms that the second floor acts as a counterattack point towards those groups that remain sheltered in the control tower. It is a perfect sniper nest for the use of tactical and precision rifles. The shops, the back room and the basement have been remodeled to be up to par.

Increasing opportunities is an idea that is constantly repeated during this first look. Raven Software has analyzed the exact points where the combat was diluted; they want to turn the passing areas into relevant places when the circles take those parts. From this criterion, Old Mine was born, another of the unpublished locations. Located between the dam and the rest of the locations in the northwestern part of the map, it acts as an enclave that nourishes the game with variety.

Other areas of passage have been altered with the same objective. The tented area between the stadium and Lozoff Pass now erects a kind of giant scaffold as an outpost between the surrounding locations, called the Grid Array. The creative director stresses that it is an ideal position for snipers, although it leaves you exposed to bullets from any direction.

One of the unpublished points that most caught our attention was the Aircraft Factory, a new setting in front of the twin buildings of the Torskov Block. The change is so sensitive that you can hardly see a small sign of its old version. From the plane in the central part, a series of structures orbit that provide cover in practically any hostile situation.

The stadium is another of the places where change is obvious. The local soccer team was still building its facilities. The bleachers are open on the outside, there is nothing left of the dome that served as a parapet against the attacks of the squads from Downtown. The interior of the offices can be accessed from the few steps that remain under construction.

Same size, different attraction

The study only focuses on a few points that they wanted to point out, although the final carousel shows us other small changes that change the way we will play on the map. Without going any further, the Downtown smoke tower now has scaffolding that coexists with a crane that gives the players above it an aerial advantage.

The size of the map is exactly the same as the original. Only locations on the existing stage have been modified and added. How could it be otherwise, the introduction scene has been renewed. Now we will access Verdansk in a series of helicopters in the purest Vietnam style.

There are other changes that are worth noting. In Season 3 the private games will arrive on Rebirth Island, and Verdansk will receive game modes that start from the Resurgence style, as we had already seen from Season 1 on Rebirth Island.

Now is the time to jump on it and find out what the changes at the controls feel like. A new stage begins in Call of Duty: Warzone.


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