Venom’s Symbiote Ally Has Turned into Marvel’s Most Powerful New Weapon


Warning: Contains spoilers for Marauders #3!

Marvel Comics’ Marauders series debuted a powerful new weapon in the form of Hard Skin and Wet Skin, a combination of genetically derived technologies used by the secret order of the Shi’ar Blood Crimson, and obtained from one of the symbiotes led by Venom. care. While the hard skin is derived from the genes of the population of the planet D’Bari III, the wet skin hides a much more sinister secret: it was created by changing a mutant from the Klintar race.

The Shi’ar are a very ancient race of aliens who descended from birds and created a vast galactic empire over the centuries. Although it is obvious that an imperial figure named Majestor or Majestrix is ruled by the Shi’ar Empire, in fact the Shi Empire’ar is controlled by a secret society called the Crimson Kin, dedicated to hiding the Ten Shames – the most important secrets in the history of Shi’ar. Kin Crimson also includes Eric the Red, a classic X-Men villain. Although they usually remain in the shadows when the Kin Crimson act openly, many aspects of the Shi’ar Empire fall under their command, including even the Imperial Guard. Kin Crimson are also powerful warriors who fight using exclusive weapons called Hard Skin and Wet Skin.

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Hard Skin is an advanced form of hard light technology that allows the noble Kin Crimson to create durable structures out of light with just a thought, giving Eric the same abilities as the Green Lantern from DC. The power of Hard Skin is limited only by the imagination and willpower of Kin Crimson, which means that one of these nobles is as effective as an entire army or navy. Hard Skin technology was created by collecting the genes of the population of D’Bari III, capable of subjugating the power of light to their will. However, using this weapon for a long time can be tedious, so Kin Crimson scientists have developed a backup option: Wet Skin. Marauders #3, written by Steve Orlando, Eleanor Carlini and Matt Milla, shows that Wet Skin is actually based on a mutant symbiote already known to Marvel and X-Men fans, Zzxz, a unique klintar that feeds on its host’s brain, not adrenaline. .

Zzxz appeared during the Marvel War of Kings event as a rogue symbiote captured by Shi’ar and used as a weapon, forcing him to bond with certain hosts. The Marauders creative team unearthed this half-forgotten character, as well as Cerise, who is the source of inspiration for Hard Skin, and gave him a new meaning by associating him with Laura Kin Crimson. Cassandra Nova learns the truth about Wet Skin, fighting with a nobleman of the Crimson Family, Pr!zom Red. Zzxz underwent a lobotomy and turned into blood for weapons that Kin Crimson can use in combat when they drain their mental energy for too long using Hard Skin.

Marauders is doing a great job adding new depth to Shi’ar knowledge. Kin Crimson and their Ten Shamefacers are used to rethink not only the history of this galactic empire, but also their connections with other races. In the first issue, it was revealed that the Shi’ar are hiding the first mutants in history to hide their secret called “The First Blood Shed”, but the truth behind the “Hard and Wet Skin” shows that this secret society was actually manipulated and experimented. on many other species too.

Since former Venom Eddie Brock has recently become the godlike new King in black, this secret will probably be revealed sooner rather than later, and the Shi’ar should feel lucky as they are currently dealing with Marauders and not Eddie’s galactic symbiote. army. Of course, their luck is the Marauder’s loss, and Kate Pride will face the ultimate test to defeat Kin Crimson, whose symbiotic weapons suggest they have many more destructive tricks up their sleeves.