Venom’s Cosmic Symbiote is the Perfect Reinterpretation of its Iconic Design


Attention: Spoilers for FCBD: Spider-Man/Venom #1!

An alien creature and a symbiotic Spider-Man character known as Venom, has an iconic costume design that fans know and love, and now in a comic book being distributed in stores during this year’s Free Comics Day celebration, this anti-hero gets the perfect reinvention. cosmic scale!

Presented in the pages of FCBD: Spider-Man/Venom #1, the Venom story titled “The Seven Seals” by Ram V, Al Ewing and Stefano Raffaele follows Venom’s original host, Eddie Brock, and his other recently introduced son Dylan. Having recently lost a life in the opening issues of his relaunched Venom series, Eddie is now stuck in an empty void that is a symbiotic collective mind, and is doing his best to get to the real world to get back into the running of things like Marvel. A deadly defender.

The action takes place somewhere in the future, Eddie briefly shows Dylan on the run, who supports the family business as best he can, as the current owner of Venom. Continuing to ponder what needs to be done to prevent the newly discovered enemy named Meridius from carrying out his insidious plans, Eddie believes that the only way to defeat Meridius is to join forces with Dylan and the alien slime attached to him. to tease the upcoming symbiote design that makes full use of the cosmic factor.

While acknowledging that he would travel “to the ends of the earth” to reunite with his family, the next page gives fans a double spread of Venom’s goodness as it depicts the first salvo in what appears to be an upcoming symbiote war. Drawing a “good” team of symbiotes, including Venom, the Sleeper, a new version of Anti-Venom, and more on the right side of the image, the left side depicts a team of villains similar to Venom, which includes the symbiote. which looks like a white curling energy in the shape of Venom’s eyes against a black and dreary sky, a design that gives the recognizable aspect of Venom’s gaze a wild cosmic interpretation.

Acting as an amazing reversal of Venom’s stylized design, using negative space to hint that the cosmic version of Venom has the size and scale of the sky itself is not only a new wild wrinkle in Venom’s lore, but the fact that this creature is fighting for the wrong side is a problem that probably doesn’t escape from the attention of Eddie and company. In a highly creative way to take the basic design of the symbiote and make it cosmic, this reinterpretation hints well at the scale of this future battle, but also shows that even though Venom may be the new King in black, there are other entities in it. a universe that could still compete with him for his money.

So while the reason for this reinvention of Venom’s popular design is still shrouded in mystery, when the time comes for it to be properly introduced in Marvel comics, fans will be ready. Venom will probably never have a design that doesn’t include some part of his already iconic costume, and this space version of the future bad guy is no exception!