Venom: Time of Carnage Has Post-Credits Scene That Can Change MCU



Venom: Time of Carnage (Venom 2) was recently aired to a select group of fans. After that, many spoilers started to appear on the internet, the biggest one being related to the post-credits scene of the film. According to rumors, the short excerpt would make a direct connection between famous Marvel Universe franchises.

The scene features Eddie Brock resting in a secluded house on a beach after his last duel with Carnage. So, the symbiote tells Eddie he’s going to show him a little bit of what his species has been through.

The scene switches to a TV on which images of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man are shown. Then Venom licks the screen and angrily tells Eddie, “I hate this guy!”

However, other lucky ones who have already been able to check out the movie have a different version. Journalist Grace Randolph, for example, claims that the exact phrase Venom said was: “He looks tasty!”

Given this possible scene, an expected crossover between Venom and Spider-Man could finally take place. And with him major changes in the direction of the Marvel Universe, with a possible “partnership” between the two characters. But we will only know the truth from October 7, when the film will be released in Brazilian theaters.

Venom can also appear in Morbius

While all rumors point to a crossover between Venom and Spider-Man, another character could also concoct the MCU stories: Morbius. It all started with an interview with the film’s director, Daniel Espinosa, on the Movezine website, in which he mentions how gratifying it was to work with Tom Hardy.

In addition, in the first images released from the filming set, fans had already speculated the symbiote’s presence in a photo that shows the character’s face with graffiti.

The truth about Venom’s participation, or not, we’ll only find out on January 22, 2022, when Morbius will hit theaters.


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