Venom 3: Sequel Already In Development, Says Producer


Venom 3: Sony Pictures has already begun work on Venom 3. The film earned more than $480 million at the worldwide box office, enough for Sony producer Amy Pascal to authorize the sequel.

During an interview with British newspaper Metro, Pascal stated that “we are in the planning stage right now, but our focus is to get everyone to see Spider-Man: No Return Home.” So far, there is no more information about the film, but it is important to note that the post-credits scene establishes a connection between Sony productions and the MCU.

Venom: Time of Carnage opened in October and stars Woody Harrelson in the role of Cletus Kasady. He was also infected by the symbiote, however, its variant is even more destructive, giving rise to the villain Carnage.

Andy Serkis was responsible for directing the second film. Although he didn’t confirm it, he did guarantee that he would like to return for the sequel. “Well, hopefully… I don’t want to claim victory too soon, but yes, of course [I would go back to Venom 3]. It’s such a fun world to create,” said Serkis.