Venom 2: Film Gets Official Trailer Rrevealing The Villain Carnage; Look!


Venom 2: This Monday (10), Sony Pictures released the 1st official trailer for Venom: Time of Carnage. The video shows a little of the life of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) with the symbiote and presents the new villain that is in the subtitle of the feature film.

The film will premiere on September 24, 2021 in North American theaters. In Brazil, the production still has no confirmed debut date, but it should be released exclusively for big screens.

See, below, the teaser subtitled in Portuguese of Venom 2:

In addition to the return of Tom Hardy, the cast will feature names such as Woody Harrelson (Cletus Kasady / Carnage), Michelle Williams (Anne Weying), Naomie Harris (Shriek), Reid Scott (Dan Lewis) and Stephen Graham, whose role has not yet been revealed. The production will be directed by Andy Serkis.

The plot of Venom 2 will focus on Brock’s daily life with the symbiote and on the comical relationship between the pair. In addition, the feature film will feature serial killer Cletus Kasady and show his transformation into Carnage, one of Spider-Man’s most deadly and violent enemies (who should not appear). He had already shown up in the post-credits scenes of the previous film.

Like dozens of other productions, the sequel was scheduled for last year, but was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, Sony predicted that it would be released in theaters around the world in October 2020.


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