Venice Channels Shimmering After Cleansing From People


Italy, which has lost more than 3,400 people so far due to the coronavirus epidemic, is one of the places most affected by the disease, but there are also some nice things in the country’s name. Venetian canals, which normally do not appear to be at the bottom of the pollution, have gained a clear appearance after cleansing people who have closed their homes.

The “look from the full side of the glass”, a way of thinking generally optimistic people resort to, seems to apply to the chaos caused by the coronavirus outbreak right now. While some stockpile toilet papers as if there are no tomorrows, some people can see positive developments even in this terrible situation.

After Italy’s quarantine, the significant reduction of environmental pollution, especially in touristic places, is one of these positives. Scientists agree that there is a dramatic drop in carbon dioxide levels across the country.

Venice, one of the main tourist destinations in Italy, is often overflowing with people throughout the year but now the city is completely emptied as the whole country is under quarantine. As such, pigeons became the new owner of the sidewalks and squares.

Spread from China to the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 41,000 people in Italy and killed 3,405 people, but this frightening epidemic also created an excellent opportunity for Venice to breathe and regain power of nature.

Photos from Venice show that waters have become cleaner and clearer than ever before. So much so that even fish and dolphins, which it was not possible to see before, can be clearly seen. The only reason for this is the reduction of boat traffic on the canal.

Some social media users, who are very happy that nature regains its power, suggest that Venice be closed for a month every year. Perhaps humanity can draw lessons from this deadly outbreak and treat nature more respectfully. Of course, this is unlikely, but worthy of hope.


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