Venezuelan President Using Crypto Money Missed Drugs


The US State Department recently charged Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro with international drug trafficking. The ministry, which has prepared an indictment against Maduro, says that several other names in the Venezuelan Government are involved in this crime.

The ministry says it will give a monetary reward of up to $ 15 million to those who help catch and arrest Nicolas Maduro. Diosdado Cabello, First Vice President of the United States of Venezuela (PSUV) and Co-Founder (ANC) President, Venezuela Military Intelligence Chief Hugo Carvaja, Industry and Natural Production Minister Tarık el-Aissami and former Major General Cliver Alcala Cordones 10 Up to a million dollars prize money will be given.

War Against the USA
The U.S. State Department accuses Maduro and 14 different officials in Venezuela of trafficking and corruption. In the declaration prepared by the Ministry, it is claimed that these names are affiliated with Guerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) and smuggled cocaine to the USA.

According to the statements of US Chief Prosecutor Geoffrey S. Berman, Maduro and her partners used these drugs as a weapon against the USA and introduced drugs to the country in various ways.

They Used Crypto Money
According to statements by Alysa D. Erichs, director of Internal Security Investigations (HSI), these names in the Venezuelan government used different methods to continue this drug trade. One of these methods was the use of crypto money.

According to Erichs’ statements, Maduro and his partners are suspected of using various “financial systems and cryptocurrencies” to carry out these transactions. The indictment prepared by the Ministry does not mention exactly how, under what conditions, Maduro and its partners used crypto money (s). It is also unclear whether the crypto currency involved is petro (Venezuela’s national digital currency).


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