Vela launches electric bike connected to mobile app


Bicycles are increasingly taking over big cities and with this more and more smart models are launched. Just remember Xiaomi’s latest releases, like a bike that runs up to 80Km without having to be recharged. Now another smart bike joins the team that will run smarter in cities: Vela 2.

The new Vela 2 bike seems common at first, except for the striking colors. On the other hand, it is full of smart features; the first of which is that it connects to an application via Bluetooth, from there it is possible to control it via iOS or Android phone. Candle 2 can be turned on or off, locked and an alarm can be triggered if there is any attempt to steal it.

Through the application it is possible to define the power of the engine and even adjust when it should help the driver to pedal more through the accelerometer of the cell phone if it is in the pocket. The headlights can be programmed to activate automatically at certain times and the application also creates a kind of map showing the best streets to walk with Vela 2.

Another advantage is that, when the battery is less than 10%, the application issues a warning and even shows where there is a nearest charging station. It is also possible to see how much battery is left, the current speed and it is also possible to transfer the bike to another person to use by the application itself.

In addition, we all know that a fall from the bike can cause anything from minor scratches to serious damage so the user also receives a warning if this occurs.

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The Vela 2 is available in 2 versions: with a low or straight frame, the battery is waterproof and also has a regenerative brake, which can increase its autonomy by up to 15%.

la is available in 5 colors: blue, red, black, green and coral through the official website of Vela for R $ 6,890 with delivery in 2 months.

Another point is sustainability: for every three Velas 2 bikes sold, three trees will be planted in partnership with Copaíba, which aims to reforest the Atlantic Forest.


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