Vegetable Meat Produced by 3D Printing Method is Introduced


Meat produced by a company called Redefine Meat with the method of 3D printing and using vegetable foods was introduced today. The product called “Alt-Steak” is expected to become widespread by 2021.

Redefine Meat, which has been working on food production with the method of 3D printing, devoid of animal food, introduced a new product today. The “meat” named “Alt-Steak”, produced by the company, was produced by using three-dimensional printing method using completely vegetable foods.

Herbal meat called Alt-Steak became the first product of the company, printed in 3D, using herbal foods. The new product, which is thought to replace meat, was produced with its own special technology, which the patent application of the company, which emerged in 2018, was made.

It is expected to become widespread by 2021:

According to the company’s statement, Alt-Steak, which is produced with 3D printing method, will take its place in the menu of selected luxury restaurants before this year ends. Those who want to try the product in more convenient places will have to wait a little longer. According to the company, Alt-Steak will appear in most places starting from 2021.

Eschar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and partner of Redefine Meat, made some statements about how their products were developed. Eschar said they received outside help to imitate the taste and feel of a premium meat. Butchers, chefs and food technologists were among the people the company was assisted with.

Redefine Meat digitally mapped more than 70 taste parameters with the help it received and processed it into meat produced with 3D printing method. Among the parameters that the company has applied to the meat were factors such as the texture of the meat, the distribution of fat, the feeling in the mouth and how juicy it is.

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So why did the company develop such a product? In addition to the ethical reasons that have led many people to be vegetarian today, Redefine Meat explained that it believes this method is more efficient and sustainable. The company stated that its products are 95% more sustainable than normal meat production.


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