Veek operator brings free telephony and ads to Brazil


A new virtual operator called Veek is entering the field in Brazil and promises to deliver free mobile telephony in the country, with an ad-based business model. The company offers 1 GB of data per month, unlimited calls and SMS in exchange for views in advertisements.

Veek’s goal is to become an alternative to the services currently offered in Brazil, targeting mainly users of prepaid plans. With the company’s service, the user will be able to maintain the line and have benefits without the need to recharge.

“Today there are between 50 and 60 million prepaid with zero balance on the operators’ platforms”, points out Alberto Blanco, commander of Veek. “It is this guy that I want as a user of Veek Freemium”, explains the CEO.

How Veek Fremium works

To be a user of Veek’s freemium plan, it is necessary to download the virtual operator’s application or go to the company’s website to order a chip, which costs R $ 50. With the line installed, the user receives 4 GB of data and a package with unlimited connections.

Monthly, the Veek Premium plan frees the user an additional 1 GB for internet browsing, in addition to unlimited calls and SMS. To use the benefits, it is necessary to make periodic “check-ins” in the app, which displays advertising videos every 60 minutes during use.

If the data package ends up in use, as in a call, the service will still allow the user to maintain the connection for an extra time. The line will also not be blocked if the user stops using the service or runs out of Gigacoins, the name given by the company for the gigabytes offered in the plans.

For those who need more data or do not want to see advertisements, the company also has paid plans, which include packages ranging from an extra 2 GB for navigation for R $ 25 to 16 GB for R $ 90. The values, however, serve only as an option and the user is not obliged to spend on the premium offer.

Coverage area

Veek starts to release its fremium plan in Brazil tomorrow (7), but the company still operates in a limited group of regions in the country. Below, you can see the areas where it is already possible to order a chip from the company.


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