Vecna & Full Explanation of the Connection with the Mind Flenser


Attention: SPOILERS for the finale of “Very strange cases 4”.

In the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” it is told that Henry Creel, aka Odin, aka Vecna, created the Mind Catcher when he was banished in the Opposite direction in 1979. “Very Strange Cases” has gone unanswered for too long. Back in the first season, viewers were given an idea of the Underside, the power of Eleven and what a Demogorgon is, but that was just the beginning. Soon the Mind Catcher joined the fray with his demodogs and Hawkins’ mass desiccation. Now the answers are finally received in season 4 of “Very Strange Cases”.

On the eve of the release of season 4, the Duffer brothers noted several times that this would be a season of answers and revelations — and they weren’t kidding. The first volume explained various aspects of the “Flip Side”, the backstory of “Eleven” and even the motives of the characters, which otherwise remained mysterious over the past few seasons. But the second volume contains even more details, especially about Vekn and the mind flenser. Earlier this season, Dustin postulated that Vecna was the Mind Catcher’s five-star general, his second-in-command. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

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As it turned out, Vecna wasn’t following the Mind Catcher’s orders; it was the other way around all the time. Vecna created the Mind Catcher when he arrived in the Wrong Side, and identified the Mind Catcher’s particles/collective mind as the missing part of his plan to gain a higher power. According to Dr. Brenner, whenever Vecna kills someone, he “absorbs” them; this means that he acquires their consciousness and power. Using his own powers, Henry/The First took control of the Mind Catcher and gained all of his powers, thus becoming stronger and controlling the Underside.

What powers did the Mind Flayer give to Vekna

Even before Henry Creel became the Chosen One, he possessed abilities that allowed him to look into other people’s thoughts and kill them using their worst memories against them. This is what finally attracted Dr. Brenner to him when Henry killed his mother and sister. But his powers could have gone so far. While his telepathy and telekinesis were useful, the absorption of Mind Flenser particles in the Underside (or any other version of the Underside before 1983) connected him to this new world. In his own words, he finally freed himself from his metaphorical shackles and became a predator.

Connecting to the collective mind of the Mind Catcher allowed Henry Creel to become the version of Vecna that viewers see in season 4 of “Very Strange Things”, controlling Dembats, Demodogs and Demogorgons inside out and in the real world.

Why does the Mind Flenser look like a spider

Interestingly, Henry Creel has never given up on his fascination with spiders. Right up until the very end, Henry took control of the Mind Catcher particles and shaped it, turning the shadow monster into a Mind Catcher, a spider-like creature. It was based on his own design, which he sketched when he was still a child and lived in Creel’s house. Thematically, the transformation of the Mind Catcher into a spider-like creature corresponded to the monster’s abilities.

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The spiders in Creel’s house were mostly black widows; they have a venomous bite that causes pain similar to that experienced by Will Byers when he was attacked. In addition, the symptoms of a black widow bite usually last about seven days, which corresponds to the duration of the Vecna curse. While this is different from what the Mind Catcher did to Will in season two, the idea of the monster attacking, biting and infecting its prey is related to what happened in season three.

Why did Vecna use the Mind Flenser in seasons 2 and 3 of “Very Strange Cases”

The big question is, if Vecna was responsible for everything all along, why didn’t he attack Hawkins sooner? At first, Demogorgon in season 1 of “Very Strange Cases” and Mind Catcher in season 2 of “Very Strange Cases” were a means to an end to keep Hawkins busy, but they were eventually stopped by Eleven. She killed Demogorgon and closed the gate in the Mind Catcher, so to bypass Eleven’s resistance, Vecna built a Mind Catcher in the real world and drained Eleven’s powers when he bit her. Presumably, this bite was partly responsible for blocking Eleven’s abilities at the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4.

But once Vecna acquired the powers of the Eleven, at least part of them, he was able to gain access to the minds of people in different dimensions, killing them from under his feet and using their death as a means to open new gates. All this would have been impossible if it hadn’t been for Eleven. After the Mind Catcher failed in its original purpose, it served a new one. However, the intrigue lies in the fact that since the Mind Catcher was removed from Will Byers, he left an imprint on him, which means that Will is still connected to Vecna, even if the monster does not know it.