Vasco Launches Series Of Anti-Racist NFTs Supported By Binance


Binance: This Saturday (20th), Vasco da Gama launched a new non-fungible tokens (NFTs) portal with a collection in honor of Black Consciousness Day. The special launch series seeks to recall Vasco’s history of anti-racist struggle, reinterpreting the “historical response” with an Afrofuturist aesthetic.

The five digital arts in the series have the title “Mirror… from 1924 to the future!”, recalling the episode in which president cruzmaltino wrote a letter indignantly against racial discrimination in football. At the time, Vasco preferred to play in minor leagues rather than sign the regulation that prohibited the inclusion of blacks in the teams of the main clubs in Rio.

The pieces can be viewed in high resolution on Vasco’s website. Like other NFTs, the images can be downloaded and shared for free — the part that will be sold is blockchain verifiable code.

Created by Helio Ricardo Rainho, Ethnographer and Master in History and Cultural Assets, and by the visual artist Juan Calvet, the NFTs can be purchased from November 26th. The initiative has a partnership with Binance, the largest global cryptocurrency platform, and BrasilNFT, a company specializing in the development of disruptive technologies based on blockchain.

Other technological initiatives by Vasco

The unprecedented launch of NFTs seeks to include Vasco da Gama’s brand in the digital art market and investments in non-fungible tokens. The club claims that the initiative also consolidates narratives about the association’s historical achievements for fans and collectors, using fanfiction and storytelling techniques.

This will not be Vasco’s only initiative in the NFT segment. The sports association’s CEO, Luiz Mello, says that “the Club will gradually present several initiatives in the digital area”. The next project is expected to be a collection of children’s NFT carried out collaboratively with children from all over the world.

In the future, Vasco also intends to carry out actions related to augmented reality (AR) and the construction of the metaverse. In 2018, the club even launched a mask that allowed Vasco residents to take a photo using a Facebook camera and see the official uniform projected over their image.