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Liverpool’s meeting with Arsenal revealed a lack of VAR, the incident with the game should be investigated by the FA, and Rangers are ready to “be bold” on Wednesday.

VAR blind spot?

The result is the result, Liverpool dug a hole for themselves and stumbled, we have to accept this — the performance at Arsenal was not worthy of victory.

However, the match raised an incredible problem with VAR, in which he has a blind spot, because of which it is impossible to determine whether Bukayo Saka was offside in the run-up to Arsenal’s first goal.

Dale Johnson, ESPN’s full-time VAR specialist, readily talks about various incidents that occurred during the weekend in the Premier League, and Liverpool’s trip to Arsenal was full of such incidents.

But we are just focusing on the first goal, which from the human eye looks like Saka is offside, but it was not possible to check it.

“The Hawk-Eye technology provider has five cameras all over the field that can be used to determine the offside lines, but Saka did not see any of them at the moment when the ball was played by White.

“But since the VAR system was unable to apply the lines, Saki’s position ‘out of play’ cannot be determined, so VAR has to leave the decision on the field that was in play.”

The referee on the line left his flag down as they were ordered to make marginal calls, but who said they wouldn’t have raised it knowing there was no VAR to support, it’s confusing.

A similar problem occurred last month with Juventus, when the cameras missed the opponent’s defender, which would have provided a goal. How is this allowed?

As we say, this is no longer a reason to simply highlight distrustful systems, or, in this case, not.

3 things today: Are you already giving up 4-4-2?

Klopp admitted that the 4-4-2 scheme could be sidelined after Liverpool lost “one important part” due to injuries at Arsenal.

The FA should investigate the incident on the pitch during Sunday’s game and hold talks with officials before deciding whether any further action is needed.
Darwin Nunez became a special event for the fans after scoring his first goal since the opening day, and there was no doubt that he would “succeed”.

Latest Liverpool FC News

Rangers boss Giovanni van Bronkhorst hints at an all-out attack in Wednesday’s match when the Scots scored nothing in Group A.

Liverpool ranks 3rd in the average age in the starting line-up in the Premier League this season and holds the record for the age of the average line-up in one game.

Pep Guardiola says he will face “the biggest challenge we can face in England” on Sunday. Let’s hope that Liverpool will be able to justify these words!

Last chat from another place

Brighton midfielder Enenok Mvepu, unfortunately, was forced to retire at the age of 24 after discovering a hereditary heart disease.

The Athletic reported that Tottenham is in “meaningful negotiations” with Google about the rights to the stadium’s name.

Iker Casillas was rightly criticized for a heartless tweet in which he announced that he was gay, which he later said was the result of a hack. By accident, eh?

Tweet of the day and match of the evening

Just a brilliant tweet, just lovely.

There is Monday night football in the Premier League with Nottingham Forest hosting Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa at 8pm (BST). The two teams are separated by four points.

And to make this season all the more distressing, if Villa win they will move ahead of Liverpool in the table…

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