Vanpanchman: why are there three different versions of the comic


Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Chapter 168 “Vanpanchmen”.

Why Wanpanchmen consists of three separate manga series and which of them are considered canonical? Like many anime, One-Punch Man is based on manga, but the way manga is handled is less traditional than in other series, primarily due to the presence of three different versions. This is an explanation of how it all works, including which manga is best to read.

The manga One-Punch Man was first written in 2012, illustrated by Yusuke Murata and written by ONE of Mob Psycho 100. The popularity of the manga has grown rapidly thanks to the magnificent art and fighting scenes, and the anime has made it even more famous, further emphasizing these features. However, many people may not know that Murata’s One-Punch Man is a remake of the ONE webcomic of the same name, and the manga itself often undergoes several revisions before a new volume is published.

It’s very unusual for a manga to have three different versions, and that explains why One-Punch Man has. Each version of the manga has its own story behind its structure, and all its subtleties are certainly worth delving into. Here is a breakdown of the process of each manga version, and it should help One Punch Man readers understand the differences and why they are necessary for the One Punch Man story.

Explanation of Three different manga series One Punch Man

The first One-Punch Man manga was a 2009 webcomic written and illustrated by ONE, who also wrote and illustrated Mob Psycho 100. The most noticeable difference between a webcomic and a manga is that the art of a webcomic is incredibly crude and often looks rude. Doodle; Over the years, ONE gradually improved his art, but it could never completely surpass his simplistic style. Nevertheless, the comedy and scale of the battle scenes still allowed the webcomic to attract an audience, albeit a small one.

Among the people who became fans of the One-Punch Man webcomic was Yusuke Murata, a mangaka known for his illustrations for the football manga Eyeshield 21. Murata was such a big fan of the series that he asked ONE to collaborate with him on a remake, which led to a manga that most people are familiar with. The manga is pretty much the same story as the webcomic, but there are a few original stories, and the “Monster Association” arc that began in the second season of “Wanpanchman” has been greatly expanded to create more of a worldview and reveal the characters in more detail than the webcomic did. All this combined with Murata’s incredibly vivid art and the stellar composition of the scenes, which quickly led to the manga becoming a massive hit all over the world.

The third version of the manga is probably the strangest, in fact, it is an alternative version of what has already been written in the manga. From time to time, ONE and Murata would go back to the old chapter and change what was going on in it, either adding extra pages or completely reworking the story; notable examples include expanding the battle between the Child Emperor and the Phoenix Man and reinterpreting Saitama’s battle with Garu from One-Punch Man so that the manga could have its own way. take a look at the Awakened Garou. Sometimes this is done in order to improve a fight that initially lacked quality.; in other cases, it goes better with building a webcomic or manga world. In any case, if a chapter becomes the subject of rewriting, then the rewritten chapter should be considered as the final version.

What is the best Wangpanchmen manga?

Obviously, many fans will only want to read one iteration of the One-Punch Man manga, so which version should they read? In terms of content, nothing will be missed when choosing one version over the other, as they all follow the same basic story. The manga goes even further in this regard, as it differs from the original webcomic in its story and world-building. Accompanied by the incredible drawings of Yusuke Murata, “Vanpanchmen Murata and ONE” is definitely worth reading. At the same time, if someone can only read one version of One-Punch Man, he should read the webcomic. Although the art of a webcomic can’t compare to a manga, its story is actually better than in a manga. While manga expanding the webcomic story does work in some areas, it also leads to story arcs dragging on for too long, especially when chapters end up being rewritten, which forces the story to go through an even more drawn-out development.

The story in the manga is often too complicated compared to the manga, almost to the point that it becomes an empty spectacle.


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