Vanessa Rubio spoke about the detail that changes the course of Carmen


The beautiful actress from Cobra Kai, who gives life to Carmen (Vanessa Rubio), shared her fun experiences in the Netflix production, and it is that, as we will remember, Carmen is the one who keeps both Johnny (William Zabka) and to Miguel (Xolo Maridueña).

Vanessa Rubio in one of her most recent interviews confessed that she feels really impressed, and in addition, she also revealed that she often struggles to stay out of her character on a day-to-day basis, for her it is almost impossible not to read the comments of the fans of Cobra Kai.

As for her followers, Vanessa confirmed that they have always been charming with her, she is glad that they appreciate her followers and this Netflix series so much, since it has become a worldwide success in record time. It means a lot to Vanessa Rubio to have “that kind of universal connection around the world.”

As we will remember, in the fourth season the love between Johnny and Carmen was finally seen to emerge, after all, these two characters have strong feelings for each other, however, each one has an internal fear, but despite this, each one always stands firm. This is how Vanessa detailed it:

“I think Carmen is quite charming in the sense that she doesn’t push too hard. She let him come to her. I’m always happy for them.”

In addition to this, Vanessa Rubio also remembered the funny moments behind the scenes, like when Carmen and Johnny confessed the truth to Miguel. Another of the actress’s favorite scenes was when Johnny confessed his love for her.

Vanessa Rubio also talked about the different types of families, for example, unlike Johnny, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) has a seemingly complete family, and Johnny is building his own, and they are coming together as they are. The veteran actress made it clear that “no one is perfect” but these two characters have simply evolved in a very good way.

Although it is not yet known exactly what will happen in the fifth season, Vanessa Rubio from Cobra Kai hinted that Carmen might learn some karate lessons now that she is dating Johnny, all that remains is to continue waiting for good news from the production.