Vanessa Hudgens, the queen of Halloween, showed off her Natalie Portman-inspired costume


Vanessa Hudgens has the best Halloween costumes again.

Vanessa Hudgens can be considered the queen of many things; she manages Netflix Christmas movies, in the 2010s she was the queen of Coachella and the princess of the Disney Channel. But one thing she has consistently been queen of is Halloween. Every year she decorates the creepy season with her exquisite costumes, and this year the celebration began with an image inspired by Natalie Portman.

The actress is always diligently preparing for Halloween, and this year she and her friend G. J. Magri drew inspiration from the Oscar-winning role of Portman in the movie “Black Swan”. The duo dressed as the characters Portman and Mila Kunis, the Swan Queen and the Black Swan, respectively, check it out:

These views are iconic, and such a smart idea. Personally, I think it’s such a unique but recognizable costume. The poses of Hudgens and Magri are so funny, and the costumes are impeccable. They certainly paid tribute to one of Natalie Portman’s best films.

I also find this idea so ingenious because it’s an unconventional scary costume. “Black Swan” is a psychological thriller that’s really scary, and while it’s not what you’d probably think of Halloween, it’s a fitting movie and costume idea for a creepy season.

Hudgens has a history of iconic costumes, she always shows off a few elaborate looks during welcome Week, and posts a lot of creepy content throughout October. In the past, she has dressed as a Black Widow (not an Avenger), a witchy version of a Bring it On cheerleader, a Catwoman in an all-leather outfit, a Gothic queen and a cabaret-inspired image, and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the history of Hudgens’ epic costumes.

She also wrote about how much she loves Halloween, signing one post from 2020:

IT’S HALLOWEEN. Your Halloween queen is coming to atcha-hoo-hoo

You know, when Hudgens’ Instagram goes black and white, we’re in for a treat because she’s really thriving during a haunted month.

The actress of the “Cool Musical” also talked about how, in her opinion, she can communicate with ghosts. She said she always saw something and eventually accepted it, calling it a “gift.” When you add this to her love of Halloween, it becomes clear why she lives her best life every October.

Although it’s Hudgens month, she also manages December. The actress starred in four holiday movies for Netflix, which are very popular. From the films “Substitution of the Princess” to a separate “Knight before Christmas”, the actress has a lot of festive films that she can watch after the creepy season is over.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself a little. Halloween Hudgens is just beginning. The actress always has an epic line of costumes, and this image of a Black Swan is just the beginning.

You can always go back to the actress’ Instagram to get inspired by Halloween. Or you can watch the “Cool Musical” with a Disney+ subscription and dress up as one of Hudgens’ most iconic characters. You can also check out the CinemaBelnd guides to find more costume ideas, from costumes from the early 2000s to costumes inspired by some of the most popular moves of the year.


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