Vanessa Hudgens saying that death is inevitable from the coronavirus


Vanessa Hudgens saying that death is inevitable from the coronavirus. The former Disney star has been heavily attacked on Twitter and Instagram.

Vanessa Hudgens is under heavy attack after the former Disney star made remarks that left much to be desired. On an Instagram Live she told all her fans that contagion and death from the coronavirus was inevitable.

” Until July it sounds like pure shit ** “, said the famous before speaking in a mocking tone. “ It is a virus, I understand it and I respect it, but at the same time although everyone gets the coronavirus, people are going to die, it is terrible but inevitable. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now . ”

After the unfortunate words, Hudgens apologized for what she said the day before.

“Hello guys. I apologize for the way I offended everyone who viewed the clip from my Instagram Live yesterday. I understand that my words were insensitive and inappropriate for the situation in which our country and the world are living right now. This has been an awakening of the significance that my words have, now more than ever. She sent good wishes to all of you to be safe and healthy during this crazy time. ”


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