There is nothing like a good remember! Everyone likes to remember past times (although many times they were not better) and, above all, remember songs. But ask Vanessa Hudgens.

The actress became one of the teenage idols of the first decade of the 2000’s thanks to her role as Gabriella in the High School Musical saga. That is why we are not surprised that now, thirteen years after the premiere of the first installment, he decided to pay tribute to one of the songs he sang on the film: Breaking Free.

The most staunch fans of the film will remember that it is the song she sings in the most mythical scene of the saga, where she and the character of Zac Efron sing in front of the whole school. Well, this time there was not a school looking at her, but her friends and the occasional karaoke client. And the artist came this weekend, like many other people, to sing and have fun in one of them.

We do not know if it was Vanessa who chose Breaking Free, but he did not cut a hair at the time of singing it 13 years after the premiere of the film. It was the actiriz herself who shared the fun moment with her followers through her Instagram account. In the video, we see her laughing and singing.

“Here is a bad, aggravating and totally sober version of Breakin Free. Yes, this has happened and my ears hurt, but I am also amused,” the actress wrote next to the publication.

The video adds almost five million views in less than a day and hundreds of comments that, like her, remember that stage of High School Musical.


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