Vanessa Bryant, her mother’s harsh accusations


Mourning Vanessa Bryant has eight months after losing her husband Kobe and daughter Gianne to face serious accusations from her mother, Sofia Laine. She revealed in front of the cameras that Vanessa allegedly threw her on the road shortly after the tragic helicopter crash at the end of January this year and demanded that she return the car she was using.

Why they quarreled, Ms. Laine did not clarify, but said her relationship with her grieving daughter had severely deteriorated. In the weeks following the deaths of Kobe and Gianne, Sofia was supposed to stand by Vanessa all the time, some even calling her Vanessa Rock, as she was supposed to help her daughter through the most difficult moments right after the accident.

The interview, conducted in Spanish, was broadcast on the Spanish television network Univision, which is accessible to all Americans.

Shortly after the broadcast, Vanessa came forward, outraged by her mother’s move. “My husband and daughter died unexpectedly, and my mother dares to do a television interview in which she talks negatively about me and cries for a car and a house that was not hers,” she wrote in a statement.

Bryant’s widow also pointed out how her mother had calculatedly prepared for the arrival of the cameras: “She removed all the jewelery, emptied the apartment I had provided her, removed all the furniture, just to make it look like she had no support. “My husband and I have supported her financially for the last 20 years and she continues to do so.”

She also denied writing that her mother stood by her side after the deaths of Kobe and Gianne. “Contrary to claims, she was not in support of either me or my daughters,” she added, referring to 17-year-old Natalia, three-year-old Bianca and one-year-old Capri.

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She added that she now clearly sees what is important to her mother, and that it hurts her greatly. “I hope it will end there,” she wrote.


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