Vanderpump Rules: Stassi Applauds Headlines about her wedding in Italy


Former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder applauds the headlines about her wedding in Italy to Beau Clark. Stassi and Bo, who first got married in October 2020, had their second wedding in early May. Shortly before the ceremony, it was reported that Stassi canceled the invitation of her former colleagues to the wedding in Rome.

Stassi and Bo, who have a one-year-old daughter, Hartford, initially postponed the wedding due to the pandemic. Then, in June 2020, Stassi and Kristen Douthat were fired from the Bravo series due to racially insensitive actions. The shooting restored their then-destroyed friendship. However, Kristen was not at the European wedding, instead congratulating the couple on social media. There were rumors about why Stassi did not invite her, the sworn enemy of Shean Shay and others. Almost a month after the wedding, Stassi spoke about her big day and criticized the way it was covered in the press.

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Stassi and Bo discussed their wedding on the latest installment of their podcast The Good The Bad And The Baby. Stassi called the headlines about it “rubbish” and “tasteless.” The author accused the press of “making fun” of her and Bo for cutting the guest list due to budget problems. “It’s called being financially responsible,” she clapped back. Stassi, who “lost everything” after being fired, added: “I’m like, ‘Sorry, we were in a pandemic, and I lost a lot of work, times are tough, and now I have a baby. I can.” I don’t spend all my money on the wedding, because I have to be sure that I can provide for the child.” . The New Orleans native also reacted to the fact that she was called “classless” for this decision. She explained that in the two years since she was eliminated from the Bravo series, she just wasn’t as close to some people as she was in 2020. .

“I think the articles about Sheana annoy me the most,” the 33—year-old woman said, accusing the media of turning women against each other. In fact, she said that Sheana, who is going to marry Brock Davis, is completely understandable and related to the struggle with the guest list. Stassi also made it clear that she doesn’t blame her former co-star in the film for the headlines. “Sheana and I are fine,” she said of their current position, adding, “Whatever she says, don’t bother me at all. She was so kind in her response, there was no problem, she understood.”

While Sheana and Stassi may be on good terms, she has reportedly fallen out with Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright. Many initially assumed that the couple, who were also fired from Pump Rules, were among the uninvited. However, it was revealed last week that Jax and Brittany had skipped Stassi’s wedding, opting instead to attend a golf tournament at the last second. Stassi and Bo did not discuss this situation on the podcast.

Some fans are likely to react to Stassi’s statements that her financial situation is very different from what it was two years ago. Although she was fired from the series and lost the podcast Straight Up With Stassi, she soon recovered. After the initial cancellation, her second book was recently released. Both Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump expressed regret over her dismissal. There was even speculation that she might return to reality TV.

Although it is currently unknown if Stassi, Kristen or any of the other fired actors will return, the 10th season of “Vanderpump Rules” has already begun. The show was relaunched by Bravo last month. Meanwhile, previous seasons are available for streaming on Peacock.