Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney Talks About Her Abortion


Vanderpump Rules” star Katie Maloney talked about her abortion. Katie Maloney revealed she decided to share it with her followers and how she feels about it now. Maloney revealed on the show that she had an abortion about 10 years ago as she and Tom Schwartz were still in the early stages of their relationship.

“I did not know the kind of response I was gonna get,” Maloney said during a Nov. 26 episode of the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast. “I was a little nervous, a little bit like, ‘Should I have done this? I don’t know.’ But I’m really glad I listened to my heart on this one. When it came to Tom and I… wanting to open up about our fertility, like we have to start at the beginning. And the beginning, it’s not a happy story. But it was, you know, what we went through. And we have to be honest about it.”

“We all make mistakes, but we all do the best we can with what we’re getting. And Tom and I, 10 years ago… when this came up, we were not in that position to become parents.”

During the episode, Maloney also said:

“I just think that, you know, I was not ready at that point to become a mother, especially in a new relationship,” Maloney explained. “So I was very fortunate that, you know, I live in a place and that was in a position that I was able to go somewhere to, you know, have an abortion.”

Maloney’s husband, Tom Schwartz said “can’t wait” to have kids. Schwartz also added, “I want to go see the world a little bit before we have kids. I’ve never even been to Europe! I’ve been to some cool places — Japan, Iceland, but I want to go see the world a little bit before we have kids because we’re going to be on a new form of lockdown when we have those.”

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