Vampire Survivors Outlines Plans For a Busy 2023


Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has revealed that he is currently working on a number of updates for the reverse bullet hell game.

Summing up the year, Luca “Ponkle” Galante began with a story about the “mind-blowing” reaction to Vampire Survivors and the success of the first addition, Legacy Of The Moonspell.

“In the summer we started discussing DLC (downloadable content) internally, and I usually chose four characters, eight weapons and one simple level,” but in the end our first DLC contained twice as many characters, 13 weapons and 1 stage, which is almost simple compared to others,” explained Galante.

He continued: “I was absolutely terrified to launch it as it was the first brand new thing we put up for sale, but once again the reception was amazing and we were inundated with positive reviews, so thanks again for the success.”

“If you like such content packs, then there will be more,” he added, before explaining that DLC “will always add more characters/weapons/stages, and that the main game will be updated regularly with the main game mechanics and content so that no key feature is ever protected by paid access.””.


Due to the busy end of 2022, when Vampire Survivors received the 1.0 update and were unexpectedly released for mobile devices, Ponkle said that future fixes will be released at a slower pace compared to 2022.

However, “there are a lot of things not exclusively related to vampire survivors that are being done behind the scenes at Poncle,” he teased.

“Soon something strange and big will appear in the public beta version of Steam (in terms of pixels), and since the Legacy of the Moon Spell DLC was a success, the Director will soon offer to take the survivors to another world in search of vampires. The ride ends only when you decide to get out! Or we’ll find a vampire, I think.

Elsewhere in the letter, Galante described in detail how the developers were “forced” to release Vampire Survivors for mobile devices, so “we still have several features that we need to implement or polish, the most important of which are cloud saves and transfer saves (possibly merge saves as well), but since we have there is still no backend/full stack engineer, it may take longer than expected.”

He went on to say that Poncle is considering making Legacy Of The Moonspell available for mobile devices as soon as possible.

From other news: Thor, the jerking walrus who closed the fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Scarborough, has already been added to Duke Smoochem 3D.


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