Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Giorunton


Vampire Survivors has two new characters. One of them, Gaines Boros, is a secret character that is not too difficult to unlock if the player knows where to look. Conversely, unlocking another new character, Gyorunton, is much more difficult than finding flowers and standing for ten seconds.

Gyorunton is a three—headed dragon who starts the game with a new weapon of the “Surviving Vampires”: a bracelet. This character has a passive bonus, which actually makes the game more difficult as the player progresses through the stage. However, Giorunton receives several other bonuses that help compensate for this “bonus”.

3 How to unlock Hyorunton in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Gyorunton is not easy. In fact, it may be the most difficult character to unlock after Red Death. A new stage called Boss Rash has appeared in the Vampire Survivors game. This stage puts the player in a small enclosed space and forces him to fight every boss in the game. Fortunately, the appearance of these boss creatures is stunned, otherwise the player would have virtually no chance of surviving.

It may seem difficult, but to unlock Gyorunton, the player must survive the Bass Rush using only one weapon. This task is simplified if the player has received a Mindbender relic, which can be used to limit weapon slots for the character. However, otherwise it is desirable to have a variety of available options for transfer, admission and expulsion.

If a player can survive for 15 minutes in Boss Rash with only one weapon, Gerunton can be purchased on the character selection screen for 5,000 gold. For Boss Rash, players must choose a character with a powerful initial weapon, as well as a character who can move quickly, since he is easily cornered within the small limits of Boss Rash. Ambrogio, Concetta, Croci and Cavallo are some of the best “Vampire Survivors” characters who survived the Boss Rush using only one weapon.

2 Giorunton Statistics

Giorunton gets a +1% Curse on each level without restrictions. The curse increases the speed and health of enemies, as well as the number of enemies on the screen and the frequency of their appearance. At high levels, this bonus becomes very noticeable. However, Giorunton receives several additional passive bonuses to help compensate for this Curse.

These additional bonuses include +30% to strength (damage), +200 to health (which is a lot) and two additional revivals. All treasure chests can also develop Gyorunton weapons, which allows the player to develop weapons at a very early stage of the passage.

1 The use of Giorunton

The starting weapon for Giorunton is a newly introduced bracelet. This weapon fires three projectiles in a scatter. The projectiles don’t fly very far while the bracelet is at a low level, but at higher levels they fly to the edge of the screen and create a barrier that deals damage to the enemy as they pass.

The bracelet does not require an additional weapon or passive item to develop and can evolve twice — into a Bi-Bracelet, and then into a Tri-Bracelet. The player must get the Spinach passive item to increase the Power of the Gyorunton to 80%. Laurel is another weapon that is a good choice for Gyorunton, as enemies gradually become stronger as a result of the ever—growing Curse.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC and macOS.


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