Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Boon Marrabbio


Boone Marrabbio, introduced in update 0.6.1, is the last secret character in Vampire Survivors. Marrabbio is a ghostly figure with a physique that is strangely similar to Gennaro Belpaese, a playable character unlocked by default at the beginning of the game. In addition, as in the case of the Gennaro Knife, Boone Marrabbio’s starting weapon is the Thousand Blades, the evolution of the Knife. Marrabbio starts each match with the following attributes in Vampire Survivors: +20 to maximum health, +30% to movement speed, +20% to strength, -80% to greed, +10% to curse and -110% to speed.

The most notable characteristic of the Bun Marrabbio characteristics is their particularly low speed. The released knife shells from a Thousand facets fly slowly, almost like “slow motion”. Accordingly, players playing as Marrabbio can use these slow-motion projectiles to potentially create unique game styles, such as using Thousands of Blades or other weapon projectiles as a defensive or offensive wall to damage enemies.

To unlock Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors, fans will need to fulfill several prerequisites, including fighting a formidable boss. First, players must collect 100 outdoor chickens during the entire game. Naturally, those who have completed all the Vampire Survivors content provided so far should have already achieved this specific goal. Floor chickens are items that can be picked up in the Vampire Survivors game, which restore HP, and can also fall out of destroyed light sources. Fans can increase the chance of floor chickens falling out by increasing their luck score.

Unlocking Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors

After collecting enough outdoor chickens, Vampire Survivors fans must enter the Crazy Forest with any character. Players are encouraged to use the Red Death because of the incredible speed of movement of the character. In addition, running the stage in hyper mode can potentially speed up the process of unlocking Marrabbio. Once in the Crazy Forest, players must find and pick up the Skulls of O’maniac and Pummarola. Skull O’maniac is a pink skull that increases the curse by 10% per level, and Pummarola is a heart—shaped item that increases recovery by 0.2 per level. However, it is not necessary to equip these two items, since they can also be thrown away.

After Vampire Survivors fans interact with these two items, small mushroom-shaped pies begin to appear that restore a small amount of HP. These pies will lead the main character to a certain part of the map, in particular, to the left of Hollow Heart and to the north of Metaglio Left. After a while, the speed of the appearance of pies will decrease, and a dark figure similar to a wizard will appear and attack the player. Once this secret boss is defeated, the character unlock sound will be triggered and players will be able to return to the main menu to buy Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors.