Vampire Survivors: How to get and develop Vento Sacro


The Vampire Survivors 0.7.2 patch has added a lot of new content to the game, including a weapon called Vento Sacro. This is the starting weapon of Zi’Assunta Belpaese, a new character that was also part of the update, and it can really be developed. For those players who are interested in accessing and developing Vento Sacro in Vampire Survivors, this guide contains complete information on how both of these things are done.

How to Get Vento Sacro in Vampire Survivors

To get Vento Sacro, players must unlock Zi’Assunta Belpaese by finding her coffin in Cappella Magna. For the uninitiated, Capella Magna is the fifth stage of the game, which opens after passing Holy Forbidden. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process, and fans should use their cards in Vampire Survivors to find Zi’Assunta’s coffin once they gain access to the stage.

Unlock the Moongolow bonus stage in Vampire Survivors by unlocking the hyper mode for four normal stages. Survive in Moongolow for 14 minutes with a standard character to gain access to Holy Forbidden. Purify the Holy Forbidden.

As noted earlier, Vento Sacro is Zi’Assunta’s initial weapon, and players can use it as soon as they unlock the character. Additionally, fans can add Vento Sacro to the common weapon by surviving for 15 minutes with Zi’assunta. Although it is not a requirement for the development of this Vampire Survivors weapon, nevertheless, many players will be interested in it.

How to Develop Vento Sacro in Vampire Survivors

Once Vento Sacro becomes available, players will be able to turn it into Fuwalafuwaloo. This is done by combining with a Bloody Tear, an evolution that is created by combining a Whip with a Hollow Heart accessory. Again, here’s a step-by-step guide that should help fans through this rather complicated process:

Get Vento Sacro and upgrade it to level 8. Get a Whip and upgrade it to level 8. Get a Hollow heart. Open the chest after 10 minutes to create a Blood Tear. Open the chest to create a Fuvalafuvala.

It should be noted that players don’t have to wait for the 10-minute mark to complete these evolutions at each stage. Indeed, opening the chest at the stages “Dairy Factory” and “Il Molise” from “Surviving Vampires” will lead to the evolution of weapons at any given time, subject to other requirements. Thus, fans who would like to try out the evolution of Vento Sacro as soon as possible may want to focus their efforts on these two levels.

Vampire Survivors is in early access on PC.