Valverde: “Extraordinary, surprising … I don’t know how to define the goal of Suárez”


Ernesto Valverde appeared at a press conference after the 5 to 2 victory over Mallorca before visiting Inter on a final day of the inconsequential Champions League group stage for the Barca team.

Mobility in attack. “It was a game in which they understood each other well, in the beginning Leo and Luis were injured and have been taking the form on the fly.”

Rakitic “The results and the game are there, he is a safe player and always has been, he brings balance and performs well, he is helping us a lot, I have no plans for the winter market because he has not yet started.”

Goal of Luis Suarez. “I don’t know how to define it, surprising, extraordinary … I thought I was looking for a partner because the play was fast but when I saw the ball inside I found it amazing, a goal.”

From Jong. “We are very happy with him, because of his attitude towards the game, the exit he gives and the ability to recover, he is very good and the numbers are there even though with his ability to finish he could finish more, this is what we ask, because he has a good shot with both legs, everything will come. ”

Sergi Roberto. “The seasons go as they go, they start and you have an idea and the players play based on an idea but everything is adjusted, we are lucky to have Nélson and Moussa, the right-back is a position that we have well covered, and We’ll see if he keeps playing midfielder, the problem would be the opposite. ”

Determination. “Having a clean week helps us and that in three days we don’t play a decisive game, something we have won, too; we can make changes on Tuesday even though we want to win, we are very focused on the championship, there are three games left before Christmas and hard weeks are coming. ”

Pressure. “We work to do that every day before all the teams, we want the opponent not to come out fast or run against us, they beat us a couple of times and scored a goal but we knew how to solve it, we are interested in the pace being high.”

Goals conceded. “In what we have in the championship is the third 5-2 that we do at home, it is not usual to repeat this score three times and I do not like to fit but we could do many goals in the first half, I will not put buts because they tried to attack us.”

Ivan Rakitic also appeared before the media microphones in the mixed zone.

Match. “We have worked very well, we are very happy, we made a very complete football in the first part and we deserved to win this way.”

Improve out. “We must improve away from home, but if we continue like this at the Camp Nou we will gain confidence to transfer it to when we travel, the other day we took an important first step against Atlético.”

Titles. “At the moment we do not have to think about the League and Champions, what will happen in five months is still far, for now we have to improve and, of course, go for everything.”

Athletic, rival? “Atlético, like everyone else, goes through better and worse moments … but we have to focus on ourselves and continue doing our job.”

Enjoy. “What I want is to try to enjoy, I missed playing more and what I want is to help improve the team, give my best, I’m here to help and to enjoy every minute they give me … I have to keep winning the trust of the master and the partners “.

Sensations “Many things have happened in recent months, sometimes things that one does not understand, but you have to accept them … I have gone to work, to try to earn my minutes, as always, nobody gives anything away. If I can play there is no better place for me that Barça, the perfect place. “


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