Valve, Which Disassembled The Steam Deck, Warned Users!


Valve disassembled the Steam Deck game console. He warned consumers to be careful when disassembling the device.


Game developer and production company Valve came up with the Nintendo Switch rival portable handheld console Steam Deck in July. This device can run games locally without the need for any cloud-based streaming service. By connecting directly to your Steam library, you get the chance to access your games on the go.

Shipment of Steam Deck, whose pre-orders continue, will begin in December 2021. Valve released a warning video to consumers on its YouTube channel. While he warned that the console ‘should not be opened’, he nevertheless showed his enthusiast how to do it.

Valve will offer replacement parts for Steam Deck

In the published video, a Valve spokesperson warned users who would open the Steam Deck. He stated that if you do not know what you are doing, you should not disassemble any part of the device. He added that otherwise serious problems may occur. For example, it was mentioned that the device could catch fire if the battery is damaged during disassembly.

Emphasizing that the parts in the Steam Deck are not designed for user intervention, Valve underlined that in case of an incorrect operation, the device will be out of warranty. Despite the warnings, the company, which prepared a small guide for those who want to disassemble the Steam Deck, explained how to separate the parts in practice.

In the video, Valve begins by removing the Steam Deck’s control sticks. Warning once again that these are “very sensitive” equipment, the company official stated that the supply of spare parts for the device will also start in the coming months. Valve showed how to change the SSD in the product in the coming minutes.

The 256GB and 512GB versions of Steam Deck use NVMe SSD technology, while the cheapest version has eMMC storage. There is also an empty M.2 SSD slot. Therefore, if you want to upgrade the storage after purchasing the device, Valve’s video will come in handy.


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