Valve Steam Link released its macOS app


Valve started to bring the Steam Link macOS application to users. Thanks to the application, Steam users will be able to transfer Steam games on their computers to other applications with Steam Link.

This transfer feature was already available in Steam’s macOS application. However, thanks to Steam Link, it will be possible to use this feature with less effort on the computer. The size of the Steam Link app in the Mac App Store is only 30 MB. Steam’s standard macOS application takes up 1 GB of space on the device.

It is not difficult to predict that Steam Link will be useful for macOS users. Popular games in the AAA category don’t usually meet macOS owners. Mac users may need to install Windows or use virtualization applications on their devices.

Valve also removed the Linux application a while ago from the Steam Link macOS application. Steam Link can now be accessed on macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi. Users just need to download the Steam Link app and pair their device with the appropriate controller and connect it to the PC.


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