Valve Releases Images of Steam Deck Prototypes Dated 2019


One of the developers who worked on the Steam Deck shared images on Twitter that depict the various stages of development of a portable device at the prototype stage. Although Valve has a shaky history when it comes to hardware, its portable machine has proven itself not only as a console capable of playing Steam games, but also as a versatile system that can be used in many ways, which essentially makes it a PC that people can use on the go.

In fact, the device is such a success that Valve is interested in creating new versions of the Steam Deck in the future. Improvements to the current models are likely to be implemented in the future, but there has also been some speculation that the company may even create a Deck 2. Of course, it’s too early to tell at this stage, but it certainly looks like the developer has plans for the future.

As for the current version, Pierre-Lou Griffet from Valve uploaded a couple of photos showing what the Steam Deck looked like in the early stages of development. Interestingly, some of the prototypes date back to mid-2019. It also seems that the prototypes are lined up in the order in which they were built, as the latest model shown at the bottom of the second photo looks much closer to the final product. Earlier versions have a design similar to the one released, with two touch panels on both sides of the screen, as well as buttons and a crosspiece. However, some models seem to have been made with buttons on the left rather than a joystick.

The situation with portable gaming devices has certainly escalated, and Steam decks have even been shipped earlier. Valve has stated that anyone with one in reserve will probably be able to purchase one before the end of the year, which is good news for those who have been waiting.

Before being released and showing the world that it’s more of a mobile PC, Valve’s system was compared to Switch. It didn’t take long for people to realize that Steam Deck has more to offer than the Nintendo console, for example, mouse and keyboard support, the ability to reset the computer to factory settings and install Windows, as well as the ability to program your own games on it. .


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