Valve Registers A Patent That Allows You To Play While Downloading


Valve: Anyone who is used to playing their PC games through Steam must have already noticed that the platform still requires you to download a full game to start it, something that has not been a requirement of many other services and consoles for some time. . Fortunately, Valve filed a patent recently that could change that, allowing you to play a title after you’ve only downloaded a portion of it.

The information came from Pavel Djundik, the creator of the famous SteamDB website, which gathers important information about Steam and often leaks some very interesting facts ahead of time. He posted the Valve patent on his Twitter account, showing the registration of a feature that would guarantee the ability to instantly play a title before its download is complete.

According to the website, Valve’s patent was created in March this year, but only ended up being published this week. Apparently, the owner of Steam itself would be responsible for the feature, not requiring extra efforts on the part of developers of games published on the platform.

So far, Gabe Newell’s company hasn’t commented on the matter, but there’s no denying that this would be a very welcome feature for Steam users.


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