Valve Opens Official Steam Deck Repair Centers


Although it is still a niche product, Valve’s portable gaming PC — Steam Deck — has already proven its value in the market, and Valve emphasizes this by opening several new Steam Deck repair centers. These specialized tools will allow Valve to fulfill user RMA requests faster and more efficiently, but there is also good news even for those devices that are no longer covered by the warranty.

Of course, Steam Deck has its own issues, and there are reports of QA issues on some devices. According to Valve’s statement, recently opened repair centers will be able to help users who have received a low-quality device, for example, with a faulty battery. Affected users should simply contact Valve support to set up the delivery procedure for their device, after which the nearest repair center will diagnose the problem and fix it at no additional cost — provided that the problem is covered by the warranty.

However, the particularly good news is that even those problems that are not covered by the warranty can also be solved at the Steam Deck repair center. “If your dog bites your finger and breaks it,” the blog post says, “it’s not covered by the warranty.” While previously the only available option was to attempt self-repair using Steam Deck parts from the iFixit store, users can now contact an official repair center instead, albeit for a fee.

While Valve may be considering new versions of the Steam Deck in the future, the company also seems very interested in maintaining the longevity of the first iteration. The very fact that individual components are available for sale through iFixit is almost unprecedented in this niche, and given that there are specialized Steam Deck repair centers in the picture, even the expiration of warranty years in the future should not be a big problem for owners. device.

Perhaps the bigger problem is the flexibility of modern software. Just a few days ago, 2K’s BioShock trilogy update broke Steam Deck support when the publisher tried to integrate its new launcher app with older games. While using Linux and building SteamOS was the right way to go instead of relying on Windows to support the Steam Deck, Valve has opened a curious can of worms with this approach, and chances are that this was only the first such problem to arise. , and there will be more in the future.

However, Steam Deck remains an exciting prospect for the vast majority of PC gamers. And, thanks to the increase in the production capacity of the device, Valve has good news for the owners of the Steam Deck reservation. Namely, anyone who has placed an order for the end of July can expect to receive a deck by the end of 2022. And since the repair centers are already open, even if someone encounters a faulty deck, it will be relatively easy to solve this problem.


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