Valve, on the drift on Steam Deck: “We have done a lot of testing”


Valve explains that it has experimented with tests of all kinds to prevent hardware failures, although it recognizes that these are almost inevitable. Last Thursday Valve shook the video game market, specifically that of portable consoles, with the announcement of its Steam Deck, a console based on the company’s popular digital store led by Gabe Newell. However, it will not be a completely closed system, being able to install third-party software, but today we have to talk about hardware. One of the pending issues of Nintendo Switch during its existence has been the unpopular “Joy Con drift”, something that worries future Steam Deck buyers, who suspect that it could also experience this failure in its sticks. What does Valve say about it?

“We have done a lot of reliability tests, on all fronts really, with all the inputs and environmental factors, and that kind of thing,” said Yazan Aldehayyat, Valve’s Hardware Engineer, in an interview with the IGN medium. “I think we feel like it’s going to perform really well. And I think people will be very happy with it too, that it will be a great buy. However, obviously some parts are going to fail at some point, but people will be very satisfied and happy with this”.

Meanwhile, Steam Deck Designer John Ikeda explains that each part has gone through a painstaking process. “We have chosen parts whose performance we knew. We didn’t want to take any risks with this, you know? And I’m sure our clients don’t want us to take risks in this regard either,” he explains.