Valve is producing new games, says Gabe Newell


If you were happy with the release of Half Life Alyx last year, you will like to know that Gane Newell, the boss of Valve, has already confirmed that the developer has multiple projects in progress right now, and they should be announced soon!

The revelation came in an interview with the New Zealand website 1 News, where Gabe said that “we definitely have games in development that we will announce soon, as it is fun to launch games. Alyx was great, it was great to go back to doing adventures for a player, and that created a good motivation in the company to do more of that “.

It is worth remembering that Valve launched Half Life Alyx less than six months after officially announcing it, so maybe we will have more games from the company well ahead of expectations? What would you like to see in their next project? Tell us in the comments below!


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