Valve is developing a new Half-Life game!


Valve rolled up its sleeves for a new Half-Life game. It has been learned that the company has developed a project code-named Citadel.

Valve plans to add a new game to the Half-Life series. Continuing all its work for Steam Deck, the company plans to attract more players to the handheld console with its new game. Half-Life, which is already a very popular series, may be the right choice in this regard.

The company, which developed a project code-named Citadel, technically does not make Half-Life 3. Valve is trying to expand the brand with more trials.

Half-Life becomes a strategy game

According to the leak shared on YouTube, the new Half-Life game will not be fully FPS (primary person shooter). Valve plans to blend the production in different categories to add a new air to the series. Having successfully entered the world of VR with Alyx, the company plans to attract players of different profiles to its universe with new trials. Valve, which is also counting down for Steam Deck, wants to launch its console strongly.

According to leaks, the new Half-Life game will be based on real-time strategy. The company also wants to offer players the opportunity to play co-op, as in the Left 4 Dead series. The new game, which will resemble the blend of more than one production, wants to make a name for itself with the universe it is included in.

Developed since 2018, codenamed Citadel, it was originally planned for VR. However, later, the plans were changed with the Steam Deck and it was decided to develop a game suitable for the handheld console. The exact scenario of the production is not clear, and it is not clear where exactly it will be in the universe. In addition, the information on the basis of rumors has not yet been fully finalized.

The development, which may upset the fans waiting for Half-Life 3, is the kind that will please those who are interested in the general universe. It would not be wrong to say that Valve, who is in no way interested in bringing the third game to the series, takes risks with different trials. As the company moves the series to a different location, it may also lose existing players. Let’s see if different information about Citadel will emerge in the future, we will wait and see.

So, would you like to experience the new Half-life? What do you think about Valve still not releasing the third game? Do not forget to tell us your views on the subject.