Valve Fixes A Bug That Allowed You To Get Infinite Money On Steam


Valve: The North American company has tackled the problem before any savvy user realized the exploit: turning straw into gold. That is basically what allowed a Steam exploit, which fortunately for Valve, has been detected in time. With the help of a hacker, the company has discovered and fixed a bug that would have opened the door to falsify the value of the deposits in the Steam wallet. In this way, a user who made use of this error would have the possibility of converting a single euro into 100,000 euros, for example.

On August 9, drbrix alerted Valve to the security breach in the Steam wallet. He did it through HackerOne, but it was only made public after the problem was fixed. At first, drbrix rated the bug as medium priority: “I think the impact is pretty obvious, attackers can make money and break the Steam market, as well as sell cheaper keys, etc.”

Valve considers it a critical bug

Once the problem was solved, the information has come to light and Valve has paid the hacker $ 7,500 as payment. The company raised the bug to the category of “critical” after analyzing the possible consequences. “Thanks to the person who notified us of the bug, we have been able to work together with the payment provider to solve the problems without any repercussions for consumers,” Valve explained in a statement to The Daily Swig, where it has not confirmed if anyone has managed to take advantage of the exploit. In addition, they have expressed their intention to work with the hacker again soon: “We hope to hear more about you in the future.”

Valve is currently finalizing one of its star projects for the next few months. Steam Deck is a computer designed as a portable console, which will allow you to enjoy the Steam library anywhere. Reservations opened a few weeks ago, but the launch will be staggered and will arrive based on product availability between the end of 2021 and 2022.


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