Valve Brings A System That Automatically Silences Malicious CS:GO Players


Valve introduces a new system that automatically silences players that annoy other players within the game. Thanks to this new system, malicious people will be identified and will not be able to disturb their teammates.

CS: GO, which has been shown as one of Valve’s most successful games, is still playing even though it has lost a large audience in recent years. CS: GO, which is a team game rather than a single game, offers the opportunity to communicate with the in-game speech feature. Of course, there are a lot of people who abuse this situation as well as those who use this feature well.

We have all witnessed that when someone needs to compromise a beautiful place and make a sound, someone starts talking with a microphone that is not so good. Due to the person’s voice, we cannot hear the voice of the opposing player and die and nerves are stretched. Apart from this, his teammates who talk badly and upset the spirits are also seen in his speech. This happens to CS: GO players almost every day.

Excessive Abuse Feature Coming
Valve would have wanted to stop this event, creating a new system. The company brings the feature of automatically muted player to CS: GO. Players who disturb their teammates at the beginning of the game will get a warning first by voting in the abuse report, if they get more abuse reports, they will be automatically silenced in all players in the game. Moreover, he will have to earn experience points to get his voice up again. Of course, those who want will be able to unmute these players later.

“The new system that will be guided by reports allows players to set their own standards for communication,” said Valve. In the new system, you can ensure that your teammates do not bother you any more with notifications such as “abusive communication”.

Actually, this problem is not only found in CS: GO game. This problem, which takes place in almost all of the multiplayer FPS games, can only cause people who want to play the game to get upset and quit the game.


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