The Value of Hive Passes The Steem Made By Hard Fork!


After Hive (HIVE) has successfully performed a hard fork from the Steem blockchain network, Bittrex is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, where it is traded at 20% more expensive than Steem.

The hard fork, which was made to provide reaction and decentralization to Justin Sun, seems to have received the approval of the cryptocurrency market. Crypto traders began to prefer Hive, which is known to be more decentralized and far from the influence of Justin Sun, than Steem. The value of Hive has been increasing steadily since the hard fork on March 20, and passing Steem is one of the biggest proofs of this.

Hive Passes Steem
Hive cryptocurrency has a unit price of $ 0.193 on Bittrex, while STEEM is trading at a unit price of about $ 0.154. In addition, the fact that HIVE’s 24-hour trade volume on Bİttrex is equal to 60% of Steem’s trade volume on Bittrex shows that the price is lagging even though more people buy Steem.


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