Valorant’s competitive queue is temporarily disabled after an exploit is detected


Mistakes are a common nuisance in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, the developers cannot foresee everything, and as more and more players enter the game, more and more problems arise when some of them grow from a minor mistake into a violation of the game. Riot Games’ Valorant has had a lot of such violations in the past (for example, with Astra and her abilities), and the newest exploit caused problems.

The tactical FPS genre has been dominated by games like Counter-Strike for years, and Riot Games has sought to challenge the titan with its newest Valorant game. As in Counter-Strike, Valorant puts players in a 5v5 “get started and neutralize” setting, but what distinguishes the latter from the former are the characters. Valorant takes its cue from shooters like Overwatch and gives players unique abilities to turn the tide in their favor. At their core, abilities have the same functions as Counter-Strike utilities, and smoke and flashes are unique abilities for characters with the latest flashes targeting the game.

Discovered by a professional Sentinels player, Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, the game-breaking bug targets the flashes and negates their effect. By going to the settings menu and toggling “Hide the user interface in the game”, all incoming flashes become completely useless. Zellsis tried it with a teammate between rounds with another Skye on his team with no effect, and then tried it with an enemy Phoenix, which also had no effect. In the background, the Sentinels’ head coach, Shane “Raucus” Flaherty, can be heard looking absolutely shocked, while Zellsis seems to be joking about why his outbursts never work due to the players possibly knowing about this feat.

Within a few hours, the Zellsis video received a lot of views, and Riot Games immediately noticed a bug breaking the game. Riot turned to disabling competitive queues to fix the bug, which is a standard protocol for the Valorant developer to maintain integrity at the highest levels. Although game-breaking bugs interfere with the overall experience, this is not the first time Valorant has encountered similar problems in the past, but Riot has been quite hasty in fixing them.

Five hours after the closing of the competition queues, Riot announced that the problem had been fixed and that the Valorant contest was up and running. Hopefully this is the last time players see or encounter an error of this kind.

Valorant is already available on PC.


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