Valorant’s Closed Beta Will Not Receive New Updates Until Launch Day


Anna Donlon, the producer of the tactical shooter game Valorant, developed by Riot Games, announced that the closed beta version of the game will not be patched again until the official launch. In his announcement from his Twitter account, he also gave tips about updates.

The tweet about producer Anna Donlon made the players happy. Donlon reported that in-game bugs were fixed, such as hit record delays, unusable blood and unstable FPS issues that players noticed. The only problem is that the players will not be able to access these fixes until the official launch of the game, so it seems that players who do not plan to download the beta until their servers shut down will have to deal with some more problems.

A full list of patch notes will also be announced on June 2, the game’s launch date. The closed beta version of Valorant expires on May 28, but the rewards from the closed beta player card and the cash purchased for the Valorant store will continue to be used regardless of whether they are spent or not. Better still, your in-game cash will receive a 20 percent bonus, so if you bought and spent 1,000 Valorant points, you will have 1,200 Valorant points after June 2.

While most countries will have access to Valorant on June 2, India, the Middle East, Vietnam and a few other regions will have to wait a little longer.

Riot Games fought tricks
Riot Games reacts very seriously to those who cheat in the new game Valorant. The game, which continues to be spoken a lot despite being in closed beta now, comes with a software called “Vanguard” to prevent cheating. Riot, which does not allow the game to be opened without this software, can thus detect cheating people.

The company announced in its latest statement that Vanguard banned 8873 tricks during the closed beta. Following the announcement by Philip Koskinas, the engineer behind Riot Games’ anti-cheat software, many players said it was banned for no reason.

The issues that Vanguard takes into consideration before banning a person are not yet known, but we can say that it came with a very strict system. Koskinas and his team announced that they are constantly following cheat-sharing sites to detect new cheat software developed for Valorant.


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